"In the continuum that is the day to day experience, the strains of melody emerging from the din are like a Swedish massage for the weary mind. Tantalizing in their very essence, those first heart-stopping notes can instantly shift our focus, envelop us into their realm and propose a journey... And as I have known for some time but only recently begun to cherish, it is as much about that journey as the eventual destination..."

When Every Wall Had A Door..
"Regret and longing can eat us alive, and there is no known equivalent for the emptiness and despair that accompanies withdrawal from a personal relationship. This song dissects those feelings, no holds barred, discovering that we're inextricably bound to our pasts in one way or another and can't help but draw the comparisons. Unfortunately in this case, it's a losing battle from the onset. Written in a trance-like state out of absolute necessity, its intention was pure personal catharsis."

Simple Pleasures
"Seemingly everywhere we turn, our schools, families, friends, upbringings, the media; all of society is out, conscious or not, to shape our beliefs of what we can and cannot do. I've never subscribed to this. What we choose to focus on, how we choose to interpret these random events that life throws at us, these are what form our beliefs. Whenever any sort of challenge exists, you can be sure that the fruits at the end of that particular ladder will be sweeter. And when you need to catch your breath, nothing does it like trees, grass, sky, wind, clouds... the simple pleasures."

Organized Confusion
"There is no more frustrating burden than knowing the answer or solution to a quandary and yet not being able, for whatever reason, to change the outcome. Life must be the greatest paradox we have ever known. The more we evolve as a species, the more complex our technological breakthroughs become, the truth is that we find ourselves caught in a greater state of chaos than ever before. Organized Confusion in its ultimate sense. Within this infrastructure, of course, we all live our own private versions of this same phenomenon. Strangely, I discovered this reference in a Robson St. (Vancouver) restaurant. It was the name of a sandwich on their menu!

Between The Flares
"So many of us doubt our own worthiness to be loved, and in the process, erode and destroy our self-esteem. Love is not doled out according to merit, and in its absence, we have to send even more of it, knowing that eventually, it will find its way back to us. It's very hard to send love to others, though, if we don't love ourselves first, so the Chorus presents a proposed resolution of sorts, as the person asks herself, what if? and begins to look at the various options she has in her daily ordeals."

Short Of Truths & Drunk On Lies
"Disillusionment in an amorous relationship has a way of making us question every aspect of our lives. So often, we bang our heads, knowing full well we're being led astray, but the truth seems so incredibly barren that we continue to drink from the very cup that poisons us. The classic hopeful heart will hold out to astonishing lengths, often their only sustenance being a time in the past they desperately long to recapture. Strangely enough, deceit drunkenness is yet another in a series of devastating emotional crutches we can come to rely upon."

Beneath A Downy Moon
"Rich in symbolism, this song offers several layers of possible interpretations, all of which perpetuate the exquisite glory of the fleeting glimpse, that rare euphoria we stumble upon from time to time. It explores the night as a force greater than ourselves, entering into a heightened state of awareness, the dissolution of barriers, the ecstasy of whims taking flight..."

A Fleeting Glimpse
"Without provocation, without notice, with no apparent concrete connection - it's upon us... and just as quickly... vanished! Surely our most coveted moments, lusted after, yearned for; that instant when we stare into our own destinies, totally aware..."

Sharing The Gift
"The idea itself of not sharing what you love in life is somewhat of a paradox. For many of us, the thought of being alone brings feelings of sheer terror. Isolating ones we truly love and then suffering the consequences can be even more unbearable. But is it the sharing we long for or simply the acknowledgement of another? The terror syndrome, of course, is ironic, for it is but a fear of what solitude might lead us to find out about ourselves."

In This Mirror
"Inspired by a performer's rapport with his audience, this song lifts the shroud of seperation and invites an intimate exchange between the two. As the mirror reflects whatever appears in front of it, so too can a performer. Every ounce of energy and feedback he gets from his audience can be thrust back at them tenfold. When this exchange is in high gear, it is like a tidal wave of emotion sweeping over and around everyone involved. It is also one of my favorite examples of harmony."

She Wants A Spiritual Man
"How can it be, I'm exactly what she says she wants, but she'd rather chase him?! Understanding one another in a relationship is hard enough without having to deal with those who just don't have a clue what it is they really want and the head games that go with them. This song relieves a little of the sting from these encounters with tongue-in-cheek solace/advice for all the tormented souls who've run into Susies, women hell-bent on chasing men all wrong for their character."

Fanfarius Spiritus
"A revelry in every sense, this instrumental celebrates the vigor and drive of the human spirit. Mirroring the range of emotions that accompany conception and following them through the course of subsequent filtering, contemplation, refinement and completion, the music shifts back and forth from major to minor, building to each successive plateau and ultimately, ending where all creation does: as a preface to the next act."

Facing This Challenge
"In youth, through a combination of ignorance, hope, optimism and stubbornness, the world just doesn't look the same as it does as we grow older. This song deals with the wall we hit when we realize it's just not that simple. Roadblocks we once felt would be miraculously pushed aside have never moved, and we're running out of time. It addresses our own personal confrontation of our dreams, expectations and future, and puts that key question at us point blank: do we have what it takes to overcome and succeed?"

Beyond These Curtained Walls...
"Accepting our pasts and beginning to see them in a way that empowers us instead of hindering is one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves. If you've ever had the experience of drawing a set of curtains to reveal a stark wall instead of a window or opening, you know of one of the analogies I'm making here. Curtains in their very essence offer the promise of something more interesting on the other side, but it is this same promise that makes them capable of such incredible deception. With a function that is often dual purpose, one's particular vantage point can change things altogether. Often, they serve to elegantly distract us or innocently hide things we need to deal with."


All Insights by Bradfield
© 1995 Nurtured Spontaneity Publishing (SOCAN)