At no time in history has mankind been so collectively aware of our spiritual destinies. Never before has the need for meaning in our lives been so paramount. Our world is changing, and as it cleanses itself of the filth, a new dawn is arising. A dawn which will see humanity foster new hope for world peace, new promise for the extinction of poverty and famine. But with an equally fresh set of difficult challenges.

The change begins with each of us, within each of us. Its allure is unquestionable. It is not fanatical, nor is it imposed by any organized, external religion. The pursuit of the spiritual realm is in fact quite the opposite. It is an internal reality, sought, learned and lived differently by each. Spirit, defined as "an entity without material reality, separate from matter" is a good synthesis. For this is where the true differences are. When we remove all tangible, worldly elements, we enter into another dimension, one that is driven by energy, consciousness and a love quota which exceeds anything we could ever sustain on earth.

Interestingly enough, most assume that we are human beings on a spiritual quest. It is in fact quite the opposite. We are spiritual beings on a human journey. Spiritual beings trying to remember who we really are, and why we are here.

- Bradfield