1. Peace is Nigh
3. One Brief Dream
5. Be Still Thy Soul
6. Homeward Bound
13. Till the Womb Gives Birth
14. Who Made Thee Flesh
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 Title : Greatest Gifts
 Length :70:21
 Artist : Anael
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Featuring over 70 minutes of Anael's soothing, spiritual vocals, layered harmonies, poetic lyrics and rich musical landscapes, Greatest Gifts is a special collection of 12 of her most loved and classic songs. With songs performed in English, Italian, Hebrew, Latin and French, this album celebrates the 8th year of Anael's otherworldly artistry and showcases some of her finest musical moments.

Greatest Gifts was conceived by Bradfield as a mixed media project from the outset and includes a bonus DVD with a wealth of visual delights including 4 music videos, EPK, footage in Asia, interviews, an unreleased theme song and lideshow from a Korean TV drama, Anael's 4 pillars, 6 photo galleries and more. Every aspect of the DVD visuals is in perfect harmony with the CD portion, including multiple gorgeous motion menus. There are also 5 DVD tracks presented in high definition 24 bit audio, including both of the new songs: Peace is Nigh and Homeward Bound.


"See another world, much like
an enchanted kingdom spilling
with visions, off in the stars, off
so far, things you can't begin to describe."
- See Another World