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 Title : Healing Energy 2
 Length : 59 minutes
 Artist : Bradfield
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Bradfield presents the second installment in his wonderful « Healing Energy » series, focusing this time on the sacred feminine and the unification of our etheric body.

Once again presented in a calm and relaxing sonic space, Bradfield's new album Healing Energy facilitates access to our inner sanctuaries and encourages a natural restoration of our body's equilibrium. This music slows down the pace of our hurried lives and helps to still the mind, thereby enabling the healing process to occur. It purifies the cells, opens our seven chakras in sequence and lifts our vibration, all while wrapping us in a gentle, nurturing cocoon. Composed specifically for all types of energetic work, treatments and massages, Healing Energy creates the perfect ambiance for a complete harmonization of our general health and well-being.

With duduk, oboe, pan flute, piano, acoustic guitar, voice and synthesizers.





"Light of complete refinement
Rise and reveal your blaze
Shine, Light of peace and comfort
As we evolve: Love will illume our way"
- Love Will Illume Our Way