1. Introitus
3. Simple Pleasures
4. Organized Confusion
6. Short of Truths & Drunk on Lies
8. Sharing the Gift
9. In This Mirror
11. Fanfarius Spiritus
12. Facing This Challenge
13. Beyond These Curtained Walls
©1997 APSIS Music. All rights reserved.
 Title : Harmony in the Chaos
 Length : 64:14
 Artist : Bradfield
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Featuring passionate, intense vocals and dramatic, powerful orchestrations, Harmony in the Chaos is the solo debut album from the composer/producer of Anael. A poetic odyssey of reminiscences, realities and aspirations, this 60+ minute album has been described "like a night at a concert." Opening with a majestic, medieval-like fanfare and working its way through soft, introspective keyboard ballads and clever piano-driven pop, this first commercial release from APSIS Music is an album that grows on you with each successive listen. Highly recommended for those looking for something different and unique.

"A rare talent, both musically and lyrically, of being a nonconformist and meaning it. Classically trained, this artist has a unique hold on visionary properties when it comes to musical expression. Bordering on a pseudo-religious approach, each track has its own spontaneous sensitivity." RPM Weekly



"Light of complete refinement
Rise and reveal your blaze
Shine, Light of peace and comfort
As we evolve: Love will illume our way"
- Love Will Illume Our Way