I. OM Overture
III. Higher Self
V. Closer
VI. Centering
VII. Overcoming
VIII. Rediscovery
IX. Passionate Love
X. Accordance
XI. Purification
XII. Noble Mind
XIII. Transcendental
XIV. Blessed Buddha
XV. Liberation
XVI. Indivisible
 Title : Heart of Buddha
 Length : 62 minutes
 Artist : Anael & Bradfield
 PDF one sheet  

Resembling a film score to a movie waiting to appear, Heart of Buddha from Bradfield extends the artist's multi year quest into the Buddhist philosophy. Part piano concerto wrapped in exotic muscial instruments,part meditative interlude, it features the 100 syllable mantra of Vajrasattva right in the heart of the album itself, true to its title.

Instrumentation includes the haunting sounds of the duduk and eastern baritone violin, sweeping string sections and solo oboe and cello. Anael lends her delicate vocals to the mix, drifting in and out with the central melodic theme. A bold new sound from Bradfield that fluidly combines styles to create a passionate and striking musical voyage.

6 page color folder with:
Tibetan script & english phonetics for the 100 syllable mantra notes on the 100 syllable mantra sculptures and paintings


"Light of complete refinement
Rise and reveal your blaze
Shine, Light of peace and comfort
As we evolve: Love will illume our way"
- Love Will Illume Our Way