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 Title : Heart of Gaia - the Videos
 Length : 85:00
 Artist : Bradfield
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To complete his album trilogy for the heart, here is Bradfield's thematic work that closes the loop by encouraging us to touch anew the ground directly beneath our feet. By honouring the immeasurable beauty of our Mother Earth and enjoying a particular musical approach, « Heart of Gaia » presents the vision of a world in tune with something greater than ourselves. With the sounds of Native American flute and sacred drums awakening ancient memories, these songs envelop us in a reassuring purity, rekindling our need for unity. We hear the sound of the wind in the trees, the crackling of fire on a long summer night and throughout, prayers of grounding - each element allowing us to restore our connection with nature so essential to life itself.



"Light of complete refinement
Rise and reveal your blaze
Shine, Light of peace and comfort
As we evolve: Love will illume our way"
- Love Will Illume Our Way