1. Sands of Time
2. Salvé Régína
3. Holy Cleansing
4. Divine Intention
5. Earth Mother
6. Ritual Dance
7. Equilibrium
8. Avé María
9. Healing Power
10. O Sanctíssíma
11. Re-Emergence
12. In the Heart of Mary
13. Temple of Isis
14. Sacred feminine
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 Title : Heart of Mary
 Length : 74:00
 Artist : Bradfield
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A celebration of the sacred feminine in music and song, "Heart of Mary - the sacred feminine" honours three timeless archetypes: Saint Mary, Mary Magdalene and Isis, mythical goddess. Bradfield paints their stories with broad, glorious musical strokes, evoking their intuitive free spirits and vibrating with their powerful connection to Mother Earth. From the temples of Egypt through the middle East to the inner gardens of the Soul, we embark on a majestic voyage through 2000 years of history, healing the past and facilitating the change to ultimately restore equilibrium.

Featuring the video single In the Heart of Mary as well as original interpretations of several liturgical texts in Latin including Ave Maria, Bradfield’s multifaceted, lyrical approach sheds a welcome new light on the return of the feminine energy.

Includes a 24 page booklet with all lyrics


"In the Heart of Mary
Burns a fire we now must carry
May the lies now be buried
And from mother earth, roots of a timeless seed..."
- Love Will Illume Our Way