"Sky sent, crossing time to tell the future, guide our way...




A champion of the human spirit with an inherent need to clarify and love all things metaphysical, Anael and her delicate soprano delivery have been described as the definitive angelic voice, challenging us with mind-expanding lyrical themes all while caressing us with inspiring, lush soundscapes. But more importantly, the purity of her vocal tone allows her words to resonate directly in our souls, as though she is speaking intimately to each and every one of us. Her artistic goals each reverberate with this same, clear vibration, and her vision is almost deceptively simple: "...to help raise the collective consciousness so that mankind might fulfill its true destiny."

Anael believes that we can all tap into the universal energy that surrounds us, using it to heal both one another and our planet. In her life as in her music, she appears to be free of self-absorption, and when not singing, spends her time mending the physical side of our existence with Homeopathic medicine. "Everything is energy, and curing people isn't really that different from singing. Homeopathy works by sending an energy signal to the body which has essentially the same characteristics as the illness, but stronger, ultimately eliminating the sickness. Kind of like changing your mood by transforming your thoughts."

Anael's last album Once Upon a Dream attained the Top 10 at iTunes and has spent over 52 weeks among their top sellers. Her music has been featured on countless compilations worldwide and is licensed and/or distributed in 15 countries. Her songs have also been featured in TV documentaries, commercials and film in both Korea and Taiwan. Along with Shelley Yates and Bradfield, Anael is one of the founders and a major contributor to Fire the Grid an unprecedented series of 3 worldwide meditations that began on July 17, 2007 at 11:11 GMT.


"Take the high road, brave the high road, breathe into every moment, light and love..."



Bradfield has spent a lifetime pursuing his artistic vision, striving to capture what he refers to affectionately as "fleeting glimpses of beauty", those ephemeral moments many of us experience when we feel connected to the Divine Source. His creative potential seems to know no barriers, equally at ease in both the visual and sonic realms, drawing inspiration from everything that leaves a heartfelt impression on his soul. Writing in a variety of musical genres from symphonic composition to modern day popular music and perhaps best known as the creator and producer of spiritual songstress Anael, Bradfield's melodic lyrical compositions have been attributed by Shelley Yates (Fire the Grid) "as holding embedded tones to aid in the ascension of humanity to the next paradigm".

Bradfield approaches creation with a rare innocence, allowing full receptivity to what the universal energy has to share, devoting equal time to both "sound" and "verb" aspects. He is a classicist by virtue of the refined nature of his technique but the very core of his personality demands that his creations stem from a questioning of the apparent reality of the universe, worlds he then shapes to correspond with his own inner spiritual logic. Aspiring to raise the collective consciousness all while granting unfettered expression to his creative muse, driven from one challenge to another by an impulse greater than himself, Bradfield is a devoted advocate of the purity of intention, relying predominately on his intuition to steer him and his listeners ever so gently toward the Light.